Quantus Energy maintains the following professional certifications:
SEPTA and PA UCP DBE Certification for Solar Power and Sustainable Energy Consulting Services since 2014.

WBENC National Certification for Solar Power and Alternative Energy since 2013

WOSB Federal Certification for Solar Power Plants and Alternative Energy since 2013 

State of PA Department of General Services Women’s Business Enterprise since 2009

State of NJ Small Business Set Aside Act, Minority and Women’s Business Certification since 2012
Energy Project Equipment Procurement   
 solar energy

Energy Procurement Services
For Renewable Energy | Electricity | Gas

Quantus Energy is a specialized energy supplier for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental clients offering:  

Energy Procurement for Electricity, Gas, and Renewable Energy
Equipment Procurement
Energy Project Development Services

Procurement and Project Management of Renewable Energy Projects within the PJM Territory Since 2008

Quantus Energy has 11 years of energy project development experience on multi-megawatt offsite, utility-scale, grid-tied solar projects and has provided interconnection and real estate services on some of the largest utility scale offsite solar projects in the PJM and CAISO territories.

Since 2008, Quantus Energy has been providing Green Energy project development services to leading renewable energy development companies in the PJM. Quantus Energy provides various include interconnection services for grid-tied solar projects, supply services for solar projects, real estate services, and commercial energy procurement. 

The Quantus Energy Team is comprised of experienced energy professionals with a track record of helping companies, big and small, reduce and protect their energy budgets.

We assist commercial properties reduce their energy footprint and get more out of their electric and natural gas budgets.

Our team will perform a complimentary energy supply pricing analysis of your electricity and gas expenditures.

Learn more about how we can develop comprehensive energy management strategies for your business that will save you both energy and money.