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Get Your Project Ready for Financing

Getting a Power Project Ready for Financing

Bond financing arranges a combination of construction development loan PLUS long-term amortization of principal and interest.

The following 5 corner stones of bond financing are

  • FEEDSTOCK / Raw Materials
  • EPC
  • O&M

FEEDSTOCK/RAW MATERIALS : Our private investors (insurance companies and pension funds) require an agreement with the supplier of raw materials (power produced, chemicals, etc.). This agreement must be unconditional and irrevocable and cannot contain any default provisions. The supply agreement must have a term that is not less than the term of the loan amortization.

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: The technology to be selected to be utilized must be proven. It must be able to show that it has been operating at several sites for a period of time that demonstrates reliability.

EPC: The EPC must have a successful track record of constructin similar projects that were completed on time and produced power/products that met quality and quantity specifications.

INVESTMENT GRADE OFFTAKE PARTNER : Purchasers of produced power/products must be investment grade (BBB- or better) and must be willing to enter into an agreement for the procurement of power/products for a term that matches the amortization. The agreement with the offtake partner/client must be unconditional, irrevocable and transferable, cannot contain any default provisons and must include a take or pay provision.

OPERATIONS MAINTENANCE: Provider must be able to demonstrate a track record of successfully operating and maintaining similar production facilities.

  • Financial Sourcing of PPA Investors, Project Financing, Total Project Acquisitions 
  • Equipment Procurement 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Full Evaluation Packages for Investors
We Negotiate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) For Your Projects.

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