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Get Your Project Ready for Financing

Quantus Energy has provided interconnection and real estate services on some of the largest utility scale offsite solar projects in the PJM and CAISO
territories, which include the following:

1. NJ Solar Farm – WMPA 9.7 MGW’
2. NJ Solar Farm WMPA & Net Metering 20MGWs
3. NJ Solar Farm – WMPA-10 MGW
4. CA Virtual Net Metering Offsite Solar Project 1 MGW
5. OH Offsite Solar Project 3.7MGW

Our Project Development Services include:
  • Equipment Procurement for Solar and EV Charging Solutions
  • Energy Procurement Services
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Real Estate Acquisition Services
  • Project Acquisitions 
  • Site Selection and Negotiations
  • Due Diligence Services
  • EPC and Installer Selections
  • Logistics
  • Project and Process Management from Concept to Closing

We Negotiate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) For Your Projects.

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