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Quantus Energy Commercial Power Systems provide turnkey on-grid solar electric solutions for all types of customers. Quantus Energy will assist clients in reducing or eliminating their facility’s electric bill with a Grid-Connect Solar Electric System. Taking advantage of State Rebates, Utility Provider Incentives,  and the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit, along with accelerated depreciation will boost your ROI.
With private solar generation you can build your company a hedge against future rate increases.  Because solar installation is a fixed cost, your savings increase as utility rates rise.  You can count on utility rates rising, especially considering they have increased almost enery year for the past 30 years.  Since 2006, some states saw the highest tier residential rates jump by as much as 30% in just one year. 
Lock in your fixed costs now by going solar. The solar power system will be designed for your specific needs with your maximum payback in mind.

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